Today, the Head f the PO”GOLDEN LIONS OF THE BLACK HUNDRED” – Matsiuk Taras had a pleasant meeting with Miroslav Vantukh.

Today, the Head f the PO”GOLDEN LIONS OF THE BLACK HUNDRED” – Matsiuk Taras had a pleasant meeting with Miroslav  Vantukh.
Miroslav Vantukh – Ukrainian choreographer, CEO – artistic director of the National Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine. named sfter  Pavlo Virsky; Head of the Ukrainian Union of choreography; President of the International festival-contest of children’s folk dance groups, a founding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Ukraine, Professor, Hero of Ukraine, honorary citizen of Kyiv.
We appreciate the warm welcome, genuine conversation, for his personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian art and ardent patriotism!

The soldier “Syvyi”: “Twice I was taken out to be shot …”

Chief Sergeant battery howitzer battalion of 10th mountain infantry brigade to Ivan with pseudo “Syvyi” closely linked himself with the army. He sure that shall come soon again to go to the war zone. He was there ealy, been in captivity his enemies know well  him, so asks his name is not  public.

He returned from the “nuliovka”  healthy and unharmed, the only thing that can get rid of habits acquired there – always looks at his feet. Donbass crammed land mines, bombs, stretch marks. One also of the rash move – and you return home or crippled or dead.

-I am from Vovchkivtsi village, that on Sniatynschyna (Ivano-Frankivsk region). In November 2013th,  went with a group of compatriots to Maidan in Kyiv. Enlisted to the 32th hundreds of self-defense.February 19, when turned bloody clashes with the “Berkut” on the Institutska street , grenade noise exploded under my feet. From the ears spurted blood and I’m almost completely deafed.  Lay in a makeshift hospital in Golden Gate a few. Then I was sent to Slovakia for treatment. For three weeks, doctors hearing me back, and I went to Kyiv…

And in the East began fighting. Aggressors seized the Crimea,  Donbass began the rejection from Ukraine. Ivan saw himself only there – among the defenders of the Maidan values. I was looking for ways to send East. And found: acquainted “Afghans” given the address and contact numbers of volunteer Interior Ministry special forces “Shakhtar” (official documents “Shakhtarsk”) in Dnepropetrovsk.  Battalion moved into the territory of war after military training. The first baptism of fire “Syvyi” was at secure of Dokuchaevsk the Donetsk region. Then the battalion suffered the first losses. When all the men secured all  cellars and possible refuge bandits moved to Mar`inka. In carrying out exploration operations “Syvyi” with another soldier was captured.

 – Brought to Donetsk and put away in the basement the former SBU. They also kept prisoners from other subdivision. But to us  militant attitude was particularly “favorable” because we are volunteers. Persistently scoffed physically and psychologically.Without  details ( “Syvyi” turns away side head). Twice us and other prisoners taken out to be shot. Some guys broke down and agreed to speak on camera all they dictated. I do not blame them, because not everyone can withstand the pressure. Himself broke down and somehow not uttered anything stupid and unnecessary. After two weeks of abuse us fifteen selected, loaded into minibus before linking arms and pulling back to the head nylon packages and drove rumored in the direction Volnovakha…

On the way to Volnovaha all prisoners survived the triumph of the second birth. Their bus with two escort by car accidentally ran into a group of scouts battalion “Donbass”. Power and positional advantage was clearly on the side Intelligence Group. After a brief skirmish separatists clicked by car on their gas and get out. (The emotions experienced at the moment captured, along with details of the fight and leave for release stories “Grey” two of his grandchildren). 

And soldier returned to his battalion standing in Mariupol. Relax had no inclination nor the time.

– Threw our connection to assault Ilovaisk. And the city has started to clamp hostile ring. It remained to negotiate with the militants to retreat. They promised to release a Ukrainian unit “green corridor”. On the nasty Russians and fraud meat grinder, they launched into action in the “green corridor”, you probably know about it and talked shown on TV. Many patriots volunteers were killed there during the withdrawal. ( “Syvyi” for the second time during our conversation turns away side head). But our battalion has remained under Ilovaisk. Learning about the tragedy, we were divided into small groups of 7 – 8 men and began to retreat own different routes, focusing on the map. Moving at night, hiding during the day in forest plantations. With me still a countryman of Pechenizhyn Bogdan Motruk “Chechen”. Where he is now – do not know …

Group of fighters with “Syvyi” successfully went to Mariupol. Then the battalion “Shakhtarsk” internal conflicts began, it was disbanded. Ivan went to Kyiv and there joined the PO “Black Hundred”. The soldiers of hundred returned to the ATO zone inspected checkpoints near the Stanutsia Leganska village, were catch the smugglers being exposed to constant fighting on both sides. Here have fought not only with explicit enemies, but also with their unscrupulous who make profits of war. The enemy has a different face, sometimes painfully familiar and native …

War never change, valiancy its valiancy, but in this war and in valiancy must somehow legitimize itself, otherwise semi partisan stay and not even the fact that ever get into a register Defenders. “Syvyi”, stayed almost year and a half in the area of clashes, where all five human senses two – hearing and vision – always strained, returned home. Two months accustomed to safe spaces and mined territory under their feet. Then, realizing that the peaceful life he will have to get used harder than ever to the military, signed a contract with the 10-th Brigade. 

And now almost feels comfortable above all – psychologically. Ready to fight tomorrow.

By: Andrew Malashchuk